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Unfortunately the Baltimore Sticker Club has to take a break for now. Designing, printing, cutting and shipping a dozen stickers a month on top of normal work is too draining for me to make good stickers. Thanks for the all the support!

All sticker club members have been issued refunds through PayPal for unsent subscriptions. PLEASE let me know if you think you are missing a refund.

How it works
Every month we'll send you an envelope with a dozen or
so stickers. Some are related to Baltimore or from local businesses
and some are just fun, crude or thought provoking.

What if I want to cancel?
We won't hold it against you and we'll actually make it easy.
Click here to go to the Paypal directions on cancelling a subscription.

My stickers didn't show up this month/my address changed.
We rely on the USPS to deliver our packages through regular post
but we understand things get lost or misdelivered. Sometimes envelopes
take a week or more to be delivered and to keep price down we
don't add tracking but shoot us an email and we can
send out a replacement ASAP.

I have an amazing idea you should totally use!
AWESOME! Send it on over to us and if we decide
to use it we can hold you down with some free stuff.

How do I get custom stickers made?
Contrary to popular belief we actually LOVE printing
stickers and print/cut everything IN HOUSE!
Shoot us a message and lets get that project rolling.

What's your current inspiration?
Forever and always.